Radical Religious Streams And Islamophobia Will Not Jeopardize Relations With The Jewish People

By Naser Pajaziti

Radical streams who abuse with religion and Islamophobia will not jeopardize relations between the Islamic Community of FYROM and the people of Israel.

This was said today in the meeting between the head of the Islamic Community, Sulejman Rexhepi and Israeli ambassador to Skopje, Dan Oryan. The latter has visited the Islamic headquarters to express his gratitude for the contribution of Albanians in protecting the Jewish people during the Second World War.

“It’s a brotherly spirit that we must preserve. We do not allow different anti-Semitist streams and Islamophobes to damage the relations between the state of Israel and that of Macedonia and Albanians and Jews”, said Rexhepi.

In this meeting, Rexhepi said that he has also unveiled a project for the engagement of this religious institution in the fight against terrorism and radicalism that is being manifested on behalf of religion.

Israeli ambassador, Dan Oryan said that he was happy to meet the head of the Islamic Community. “We welcome the regards that the religious community has toward the Jewish people and the community that lives in Macedonia. We praise the project that fights extremist streams which are called on behalf of Islam”, said ambassador Oryan. /www.balkaneu.com/


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