Macedonia, Serbian Secret Service agent entered Parliament with protesters

Macedonian state authorities asked the Serbian ambassador to Skopje to explain the presence of their advisor, Goran Zhivaljevic, at the violent attack inside the Parliament on April 27th.

Zhivaljevic is also an agent of the Serbian Secret Service.

Before the Ambassador it was the Serbian Prime Minister, Alexandar Vucic, who defended Zhivaljevic and told Zoran Zaev in a short meeting in Brussels that Zhivaljevic has not committed any crime with his presence, since that is his duty.

The Serbian Foreign Minister also said that the Embassy’s adviser was there to see if Serbian citizens were involved in those events. The Serbian secret agent confirmed his presence in Parliament was to check if members of the Serbian minority were involved with the incident.

The Macedonian “TV Telma” underlines that Zhivaljevic was photographed together with VMRO-DPMNE Parliament Members, former Prime Minister Nikolla Gruevski and various other protesters.

Zaev hopes there will be a proper answer from the respective agencies. The relations between the highest Serbian authorities and the mandated Prime Minister of Macedonia are not in their best point right now.

Zaev has criticized Vucic several times of trying to plant fear in Serbia about what would happen with Macedonia if Zaev won the elections. Vucic accused Zaev of releasing declarations that divide the relations between Skopje and Belgrade.

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