“Pro” bombing, albanian politics support Syria attack


Albania and Kosovo have supported the West for the latest bombing in Syria, while condemning the chemical attacks of the Assad government.

The Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently published a statement saying that today’s attacks by the US, Great Britain and France are a timely response to the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime.

They went on to add that the Syrian regime performed an act that constitutes a serious crime, a violation of international norms and declared they must be punished.

There was also reaction from the former Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, who wrote on Facebook that the allied response was deserved and a welcomed attack against the dictator, Bashar al Assad.

Meanwhile, the Socialist Movement for Integration believes that President Trump’s initiative is in defense of human rights and international security.

Even the Prishtina declared their official support for the side of the West, given the positions articulated by Presidient Thaçi and Prime Minister Haradinaj.

The President of Kosovo wrote on Facebook that his country strongly supports its allies in their efforts to end Assad’s regime and the war in Syria.

Meanwhile, Haradinaj says that chemical weapons attacks are unforgivable, therefore the intervention was absolutely necessary.

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