Rama- Cakaj, duties delegated to Gent Cakaj

Although President Meta was unconvinced to declare him as Foreign Minister, Gent Cakaj, today assumed the role appointed by Prime Minister Edi Rama.

In thanking Rama for his support, Cakaj said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to push forward the governmental agenda and to pave the way for regional integration.

“This transfer of institutional authority from Mr. Bushati, in addition to his contribution to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, allow me to assume my duties, and, of course, Prime Minister Edi Rama, who I don’t know how thank enough for the care and faith he has shown, does not signify any changes of strategic or political importance set out by the Albanian government.

“We will remain an inalienable force of peace and stability, a powerful promoter of the spirit of reconciliation and a credible bearer of development of ideas through dialogue and cooperation with all our neighbors, indiscriminately.

“We want to further bolster the communication, interaction and cooperation for Albanian. At the same time we remain committed to fulfilling all the obligations that stem from our commitments to the region,” stated Cakaj.

Meanwhile this remains a decisive year for Albania’s future regarding integration into the European Union with difficult and intensive months ahead for the employees of this Ministry, according to Cakaj.

“Albania’s path to join the European family passes through a consolidation process of the region. The next 5 months will be an intensive work period.

“The Foreign Ministry will continue its intensive work for a more qualitative performance.

“One of my central objectives will be to increase the interaction among the Ministries to realize every request presented in the June 2018 Council Conclusions,” explained Cakaj.

The following period will lend its attention to two key objectives of Albanian diplomacy; the OSCE’s most successful leadership role in 2020 and the commitment to provide the country with a Security Council in 2022.

Gent Cakaj seems to have found his inner-calm during these tense days after a litany of attacks against him.

Meanwhile, former Minister Bushati during his assignment said that the work of the Ministry should continue with intensity in order to ensure a better future for Albania.

He stated: “There is no guarantee that what we had before will be better or easier than what we have planned ahead. Our transformational work has certainly created dissatisfaction and opposition.

“But one thing is certain: the challenges have made us stronger and more stable. I hope to see a more worthy Albania of tomorrow,” declared Bushati.



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