What is Ahmeti’s crime in the conversation published by Zaev?

Obviously, with every public statement Zaev is more buried, and his lies come to light before the eyes of the general public. On this way, he lost poor moral credibility.

Besides lying, Zaev’s statements are filled with heavy contradictions. In the last night’s interview on 24 News, Zaev said he will publish materials, that he unauthorized possess and that in his view there was alleged crime.

After this statement of Zaev public remains amazed, knowing the fact that Zaev has  published unauthorized material in which DUI leader Ali Ahmeti talk to certain person Fatmir for possibilities for medical treatment of a specific person Irfan, discussing the state of the Irfan and medical assessments for his recovery and the opportunities for further medical treatment.

What crime Zaev seen in this chat is unknown? And how can it be crime i.e. a phone call for treatment of a person? Zaev apparently is captured alive in his lies and becomes more confusing and contradictory.

The question whether – Zaev is imagining that he is personally absolute court, and to evaluate if there is crime and who did it?

Opposition leader should answer what crime Ali Ahmeti did at the time when he tried to find solution to treat a person and what is the purpose for publishing the telephone conversation?!

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