Berisha doesn’t buy it: This is what Rama tries to hide behind his nationalistic calls

Albanian Premier Edi Rama warned the European Union a few days ago, hinting at a possible unification of Albania and Kosovo unless they become EU members in the near future.

Rama’s statement, followed by Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi’s, was condemned as “careless” from US Ambassadors in Tirana and Prishtina, as well as from the Russian Foreign Ministry, which said it would harm the stability in the region.

However, Rama’s predecessor Sali Berisha thinks the Albanian Premier intends to attract the attention away from the drug and criminality that have covered the country, transforming it in the Republic of Cannabistan.

“Dear friends, Rama is using the threat of the unification with Kosovo only and only to disguise:

a- The establishment of banditocracy in Albania and his government as an authentic criminal organization!

b- Albania’s transformation into Narcorepublic or Cannabistan

c- The confiscation of the free vote of Albanians.

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