Albania’s and Kosovo’s governments meet in Korçë, Rama and Haradinaj announce the lift of tax barriers

Albanian Premier Edi Rama and his Kosovan homologue Ramush Haradinaj announced the unification of the customs houses of both countries, while they will sign 12 agreements to boost the politic and economic cooperation.

The governments of both countries met in Korçë, southeastern Albania, in the framework of celebrations for Albania’s Independence Day (November 28). Rama underlined the raise of trade between the countries and complimented Haradinaj for the reforms in Kosovo.

“We are working for the removal of the tax barriers. There are 600 companies from Kosovo operating in Albania and the commercial volume is 2.7%”, Rama said. “Let us work together for this meeting to open another chapter not only in the regional politics but in the EU integration as well”.

Kosovo Premier Haradinas underlined the fight against corruption as the main challenge for his country while calling on Serbi to recognize Kosovo’s independence, adding Albania may give a major contribution in the country’s recognition worldwide.

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